• The Biggest Mistake That Accomplished People Make

    By Mark Hopkins

    Hint, it has to with the mistake of thinking you are the smartest person in the room and how that changes everything. I can’t say more without spoiling his 15 minute talk.

  • Hear Mark on Radio One

    By Mark Hopkins

    I recently had a wonderful one hour talk with Steven on the Steven Spierer Show. We had a chance to talk about the big picture concept of the Shortcut to Prosperity and then cover each of the 10 shortcuts one by one.

    Steve is a great interviewer and his questions get to the heart of many of our shared beliefs. You can listen to some or all of it and fast forward to the shortcuts that are of the most interest to you.

  • Personal Vision Worksheet

    By Mark Hopkins

    Someone just sent me a request to post the link to the Personal Vision Worksheet that I reference on page 78 of the book. You can find it here or with the other downloads on the right side of the book page.  Good luck! If you use the contact link to send me a note, please… Read More »

  • Desire Trumps Lineage

    By Mark Hopkins

    I think that beneficial behaviors can, like your body’s muscles, be strengthened through something I call the Prosperity Cycle. This cycle leverages the satisfaction that all of us experience when we achieve—or learn—something that we have worked hard to master. It is a reinforcing cycle that motivates us to navigate it again and again with bigger and bigger goals and corresponding results. The challenge, I believe, is in finding that first spark that motivates you to begin the process of striving and redefining failure as learning.

  • The Culture at Moosejaw is Nuts—Perfectly Nuts!

    By Mark Hopkins

    I’ve always been a sucker for great customer service. Amazon Prime gets my vote for great service without a human being involved, but Moosejaw is now setting the standard for service when I need to talk to someone about an order. Why does this matter? Because in a world where differentiation means life or death for an organization, I will go out of my way to do business with one that acts like it wants to help me.

  • Women in STEM—Be the Girl Who Doesn’t Give a Crap!

    By Mark Hopkins

    “Oh, that’s easy,” one of them said. “We’re the women who don’t give a crap.”

    Don’t give a crap about — ?

    “What people expect us to do.”

    “Or not do.”

  • Twitter—Just the Result of One Kid’s Natural Curiosity

    By Mark Hopkins

    When you are following your curiosity and exploring an idea or discipline that you are passionate about, it’s not work. It becomes effortless, inspired. You find yourself pushing past frontiers, until one day, you are so deep that there’s nobody else to turn to for answers.

  • 10 Habits for A Successful & Satisfying Career

    By Mark Hopkins

    a common set of habits that were exhibited by the most satisfied individuals. They tended to be people who enjoy learning and who had developed a high level of expertise within an area that they were passionate about. And whether they work in small or large organizations, they utilize an entrepreneur’s approach to their work. In other words, they aren’t satisfied by the status quo, bring a high level of energy to their work, and attract highly competent people to help them explore new ideas for better serving the markets they are passionate about.

  • Entrepreneurs Use the Prosperity Cycle to Make Dreams Come True

    By Mark Hopkins

    The Prosperity Cycle is a self-reinforcing cycle that will set you on your chosen path, keep you moving forward, and provide you with the vast amount of energy that you’ll need to get where you want to go.

  • Pursuing Prosperity Means Caring

    By Mark Hopkins

    Technology may have eliminated many daily interactions that used to require face-to-face communication, but it has also had the unintended consequence of making the human interaction that remains all that more important. We are all social animals with a need to share, a need to be appreciated, and a desire to work with people who care about us.

  • Mark reminds us how important it is to spend your time doing something you’re passionate about, and how easy it can be to turn that passion into prosperity.

    Mike Fries, President and CEO, Liberty Global

  • Shortcut to Prosperity captured many habits that I learned over the course of my career. I would have loved to have this book twenty years ago, as it would have helped accelerate the development of my entrepreneurial capabilities.

    Dan Caruso, Founder and CEO, Zayo Group

  • I have spent my career preparing young people to succeed in an increasingly challenging global economy. Shortcut to Prosperity does a wonderful job compiling a timeless set of recommendations that will give readers a huge head start.

    John Box, PhD, senior vice president, education (retired), Junior Achievement Worldwide

  • Success is personal. Mark Hopkins has created a powerful approach to identify and achieve your version of prosperity.

    Mo Siegel, cofounder and former CEO, Celestial Seasonings

  • Whether you want to move up the corporate ladder or make it on your own, Shortcut to Prosperity is your success bible.

    Tommy Spaulding, author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller It’s Not Just Who You Know

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