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    Guest Blog: Is It Time for a Career Pivot?

    Mar 6, 2013
    By Mark Hopkins

    LeadBIG Blogger Jane Perdue uses her gift of storytelling to engage and inspire readers.  Mark Hopkins was recently asked to submit a guest blog to discuss career differentiation, scalability, barriers to entry and the amount of risk involved in making a change.

    Vist the blog here:  http://getyourbigon.com/leadbigblog/mark-hopkins-career-pivot-shortcut-to-prosperity/


    Mark Hopkins guest bog LeadBIG blog Jane Perdue

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  • Mark reminds us how important it is to spend your time doing something you’re passionate about, and how easy it can be to turn that passion into prosperity.

    Mike Fries, President and CEO, Liberty Global

  • Shortcut to Prosperity captured many habits that I learned over the course of my career. I would have loved to have this book twenty years ago, as it would have helped accelerate the development of my entrepreneurial capabilities.

    Dan Caruso, Founder and CEO, Zayo Group

  • I have spent my career preparing young people to succeed in an increasingly challenging global economy. Shortcut to Prosperity does a wonderful job compiling a timeless set of recommendations that will give readers a huge head start.

    John Box, PhD, senior vice president, education (retired), Junior Achievement Worldwide

  • Success is personal. Mark Hopkins has created a powerful approach to identify and achieve your version of prosperity.

    Mo Siegel, cofounder and former CEO, Celestial Seasonings

  • Whether you want to move up the corporate ladder or make it on your own, Shortcut to Prosperity is your success bible.

    Tommy Spaulding, author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller It’s Not Just Who You Know

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